© Salle Dublin - January 2019

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@ St Conleth's College Gym, Clyde Road, Dublin 4

18.45 - 22.00  (throughout the fencing year)

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Joining is simple

Just fill in the Membership Application Form.

Then sign it and the Code of Conduct, and give them both - together with your fees - to one of the Maîtres.

Click here to download the Membership Application Form and download the Code of Conduct here.

Our fees for 2018/19 are:

€10 per night/strip fee

€135 per semester

(September to December; January to May).

€235 annually.

If you don’t know whether you’ll be a regular member, simply pay the daily fee of €10 for any session you attend.

Individual lessons are free.

Beginner’s Courses are held at Conleth’s Gym on Wednesdays @ €80 for the course of six sessions.

How to pay Salle Dublin fees